Cycle Toronto and CultureLink’s cycling programs are collaborating in the selection and training of Cycling Educators for the coming year (2021-2022).

Programs and responsibilities

1) For Cycle Toronto, Cycling Educators deliver safe cycling and bike maintenance workshops to the general public. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most workshops will be held virtually over Zoom with the possibility of conducting workshops in person once it is safe to do so. Workshops are generally scheduled during weekday lunch hours and evenings, or on weekends. Workshops are tailored to the experience level of attendees. Cycle Toronto is also looking to host workshops in every language that we’ve translated the Toronto Cycling Handbook, starting with Farsi, Arabic, Mandarin and Spanish. Those who are fluent in those languages will be asked to translate the workshops and reporting surveys. Depending on public health restrictions, there may also be opportunities for Cycling Educators to lead group bicycle rides in the summer and fall.

2) For CultureLink, On-Call Cycling Educators support CultureLink’s cycling programs on an occasional basis, teaching road safety, cycling skills and basic bike maintenance to children, youth and adults. Cycling Educators may be required to ride a bicycle in mixed traffic in all neighborhoods of Toronto, and they are expected to model safe and responsible cycling behavior. They work in locations across the City. In 2021-2022, many shifts will take place at the CultureLink Bike Hub. The CultureLink Bike Hub provides free access to bicycle parts and tools, support from experienced bike mechanics, and workshops and training on bike repair. Funded by the City of Toronto as a Community Reduce and Reuse Program, the CultureLink Bike Hub fosters a culture of repair and reuse. Cycling Educators support the general operations of the Bike Hub, alongside on-site Project Workers. All programs are carried out in accordance with health and safety measures consistent with guidance from municipal, provincial and national public health authorities. All Cycling Educators and Ride Guides are expected to complete a report following each workshop or program, documenting positive and negative outcomes, participation, and other information, and to contribute constructive feedback on their programs.

Terms and compensation

For Cycle Toronto, Cycling Educators are compensated at a rate of $20 per hour, with a minimum of 3 hours / $60 per safe cycling presentation for lead presenters, 4 hours / $80 for mechanics workshop lead presenters, and 1.5 hours / $30 for supporting presenters. They are expected to use their own bicycles which conform to the requirements of the Highway Traffic Act. Limited compensation for transportation is available with consideration given to geographical distance.  For bike maintenance workshops, a stand and tools will be provided, although Cycling Educators are welcome to use their own if this is more convenient.

CultureLink is hiring up to 8 On-Call Cycling Educators who will work on an occasional basis. Details about these opportunities are available here.