Consent Form

1. In the present study you will be asked to rate pictured females on several traits (e.g. intelligence, facial attractiveness, etc.), you will be given several psychological questionnaires assessing various facets of yourself (e.g. sexuality, personality, etc.), and you will be asked several questions about yourself (e.g. age, birth control use, etc.). This study will require two, independent sessions of participation; both sessions will be completed online. If you agree to participate you will fill out a brief pre-session interview that will include a contact e-mail address, and answer a few questions relating to your ovulatory cycle and birth control use. After researchers receive this information they will randomly assign you a participant ID number and a link for your first session of participation. Your second session will be scheduled and e-mailed to you, along with a new link, by the researchers after you have completed the first session; you will use the same participant ID number assigned to you for session 1 for session 2 as well. Please understand that by consenting to participate in this study you are consenting to participate in both sessions. It is important that you complete your second session within 24 hours of the scheduled date; this should not be difficult as all sessions are completed online. Note that the presession interview questions will be stored in a database independent from this consent form; further securing your anonymity.

2. You are free to discontinue your participation at any time without penalty. You may also skip any measures, questions, or ratings that make you feel uncomfortable, though the researchers would appreciate that you attempt to answer all items and rate all photos. Even if you withdraw from the study, you will receive any entitlements that have been promised to you in exchange for your participation, such as extra credit. Note that 1 point of extra credit will be awarded per session. Failure to participate in the second session will not result in 2 points of extra credit; 1 point per session attempted/completed.

3. Participation in this research study does not guarantee any benefits to you other than extra credit in participating instructor’s courses. However, possible benefits include the fact that you may learn something about the research processes involved in the field of psychology.

4. You will be provided with an inter-session debriefing after the completion of the first session. You will be fully debriefed, have the full nature of the study disclosed to you, after you have completed your second session.

5. If you agree to participate in the study, it will take approximately an hour per session.

6. All data from this study will be kept from inappropriate disclosure and will be accessible only to the researchers and their faculty advisor. We are not interested in individual responses; we are looking for trends within our overall sample.

7. The present research is designed to reduce the possibility of any negative experiences as a result of participation. In order to minimize risks we have included an inter-session debriefing to provide you, the participant, with any information that may be helpful to you during the interim between your initial participation and your full debriefing.

8. This research study is being conducted by Joseph Gonzales and Heather Adams. Their faculty supervisor is Dr. Luevano, Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychology and Child Development, California State University, Stanislaus (209-667-3096, If you have questions or concerns about your participation in this study, you may contact the researchers via e-mail (,
9. If you have any questions about your rights as a research participant, you may contact the California State University, Stanislaus Campus Compliance Officer, Lauren Gee, at (209) 667-3747.

10. You will be given the opportunity to copy/save/print this consent form at the end of your participation, or you may do so now before submitting it.

11. By stating that you are 18 years of age or older, and by selecting “Yes, I consent to participate in this study,” you are indicating that you are freely consenting to participate in the two sessions of the present study.

*Note: We require your name and e-mail address as evidence that a “real person” participated in this study for our own records. Your name and e-mail address will be stored separately from your responses using different databases. We will not be able to connect your name with your responses to any of the material presented to you after this page.

* 1. Please enter your full name, first and last, below (e.g., John Doe).

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* 3. Are you 18 years of age or older?

* 4. Do you consent to participate in the present study?