Note: When approved these criteria will be applied in conjunction with the approved Computing Accreditation Commission General Criteria

Lead Society: CSAB

These program criteria apply to computing programs using cybersecurity, computer security, cyber operations, information assurance, information security, or similar terms in their titles.

3.  Student Outcomes

In addition to outcomes 1 through 5, the following outcomes are required:

  • 6. An ability to apply security principles and practices to the environment, hardware, software, and human aspects of a system. [CY]
  • 7. An ability to analyze and evaluate systems with respect to maintaining operations in the presence of risks and threats. [CY]

5.  Curriculum

The curriculum requirements specify topics, but do not prescribe specific courses. These requirements include:

a. At least 45 semester credit hours (or equivalent) of computing and cybersecurity course work. The course work must cover: 
  1.  Application of the crosscutting concepts of confidentiality, integrity, availability, risk, and adversarial thinking.
  2.  Fundamental topics from each of the following:
    • a. Data Security: protection of data at rest and in transit.
    • b. Software Security: development and use of software that reliably preserves the security properties of the information and systems it protects.
    • c. System Security: establishing and maintaining the security properties of systems, including those of interconnected components.
    • d. Human Security: protecting individuals’ personal data and privacy; threat mitigation combined with the study of human behavior as it relates to cybersecurity.
    • e. Organizational Security: protecting organizations from cybersecurity threats and managing risk to support successful accomplishment of the organizations’ missions.
    • f. Societal Security: aspects of cybersecurity that can broadly impact society as a whole for better or for worse.
  3. Advanced cybersecurity topics that build on crosscutting concepts and fundamental topics to provide depth.
b. At least 6 semester credit hours (or equivalent) of mathematics that must include discrete mathematics and statistics.

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