Crow Wing Energized Kids Bike Fleet Request Form - Schools 2017 - 2018

Crow Wing Energized is now taking requests for the kids bike fleet for the 2017 - 2018 school year. Requests can be made for one week periods from September 18th - October 23rd. In order to help us prioritize and keep track of all the requests, please take a moment to answer the questions below. Call Jessica Waytashek at 218-820-3921 if you need help or have questions. Jessica will follow up with your request and a rental agreement will need to be signed to secure use of the fleet.
Bike Fleet Details:
There are two fleets. The large fleet contains 36 assorted sized bikes to fit 3rd and 4th grade students and adult facilitators and helmets and other supplies. The small fleet contains 26 assorted sized bikes for the same age group and helmets and other supplies. There is no charge to the schools to use the bike fleets during this pilot year. Each person using a fleet bike is required to fill out a waiver as Crow Wing Energized is not liable for any injuries.

* 1. Name of School and School District Number

* 2. Contact person including phone number and email

* 3. Which bike fleet would you like to use?

* 4. What week do you prefer between September 18th - October 23rd?

* 5. Address of location bike fleet will be used:

* 6. How do you plan to use the bike fleet? Example: Bike rodeo, bike education class, group ride/field trip, bike maintenance demo, Walk! Bike! Fun! curriculum, etc.

* 7. What is the anticipated participation with the fleet? Reminder: These are youth sized bikes for 3rd and 4th grade age group.

* 8. What is the anticipated amount of use for the bikes?
Example: We will use the bikes for 1 hour per day for the full week.
Example: We will use the bikes for a three hour bike rodeo event.

* 9. How will using the bike fleet through your school address equity (low income, etc.) within Crow Wing County?

* 10. Do you have any other questions or comments?

* 11. Are you able to transport the bike trailer? Both trailers require an electric trailer brake and are rated at 7,000 lbs. The large one is 8.5 x 20 ft. long and the smaller one is 7 x 14 ft. long.

Brainerd ISD 181 - Transportation will be lined up with Philip Winterfeldt at 218-821-0710. I will coordinate your reservation with him.

*Proof of liability insurance is required.
*If you cannot transport the trailer, we can assist in finding someone to help with transporting them but it is based on volunteer availability and not guaranteed.

Thank you!

Jessica Waytashek will be in touch with you regarding your request. Please contact her with any immediate questions: 218-820-3921.