Introduction to the 2018 Customer Zeitgeist

Hello fellow Zeitgeister and customer-facing leader!

Attached is our second Customer Zeitgeist survey conducted by Wikibrands.

This survey is important as it acts as a pulse check for shifts in attitudes, adoption and perceptions in the emerging marketplace and its customer-facing facets (marketing, communications, brand development, innovation, sales & e-commerce, media, content & insight, and customer acquisition, experience, retention and support).  

Unlike other industry surveys, the Customer Zeitgeist doesn't attempt to track current behaviours but instead mines for future anticipated changes. We're canvassing for respondents who not only understand today's customer world but are uniquely poised to project future likely key developments.

Note: Although we use the word "customer" throughout the survey, depending on your organization, this could equate to "donor", "citizen" or "client" interchangeably. 

We appreciate your help and time investment and want to thank you. Beyond the curiosity offered by some of the survey questions,  we are also offering an opportunity to:

- receive a preview copy of this survey's topline results before anyone else

- interact with a lead group on a Customer Zeitgeist guild 

- be credited for your contributions to this survey in public forums (if interested)

- get a chance to win one of six customer-relevant books (see the end of this survey)

- contribute to future projects and events

We look forward to hearing your insights and feel free to connect with me directly on the research report itself and future events, collaborations and services.

Sean Moffitt
Managing Director - Wikibrands 
@seanmoffitt @wikibrands