1. Rating Scale for Questions 1 - 3

100% of survey complete.

1 - Meets Expectations

2 - Needs Improvement

3 - Exceeds Expectations

N/A - Not Applicable In This Specific Situation

* 1. What was the date and time of your interaction with 311, either by phone, e-mail, or walk-in, social media or mobile?


* 3. Did the 311 Agent explain the process for resolving your issues or concerns?

* 4. Did the Agent have access to the necessary information to meet your request?

* 5. Was your inquiry or request via (call, e-mail, visit, social media or by mobile app) handled in a timely manner?

* 6. Were you satisfied with the service you received from Philly311?

* 7. Please provide any additional feedback about your experience with Philly311.

* 8. May we contact you regarding your responses?