Customize your tour in four-hour modules

This survey is intended for people who want to help customize their own personal tour of the Battle of Franklin and related area Civil War sites.

What hours/days can you select to get your one to four modules (4-16 hours) in?

Weekday evenings

I don't typically do daytime slots until after 4 pm. However, we can get in one module any given weekday evening from 4-8 pm. Some people schedule one or two of their modules on weeknight(s) and then reserve all day Saturday for their last two modules.


Saturdays - I can do two modules (8 hours total), anytime between 8 am til 8 pm. If you want to do two modules on a Saturday and you want to do it by electric bike, you must choose the 8-5 slot for your two modules (the local vendor providing bikes closes about 6pm Sat.).

Sundays - I can do two modules on a given Sunday, between noon - 8 pm.

Reserving your tour-slot

I book a lot of tours throughout the year (typically 40 or more). It is important to determine your preferred tour-slot as far ahead of time as possible.

To secure your tour-slot you will need to pay 50% of your tour ahead of time. You can change your tour-slot days if needed, as long as the new tour-slot hasn't been taken.

Scroll down to question #16 to select a tour slot you want to reserve.

My weather policy?

It's rare for weather to cancel or delay a tour. We adapt, if needed, by going inside and doing a local house tour if it is storming too badly. However, if severe inclement weather results in needing to delay or cancel a specific module, I will work with you to complete your custom tour within your present traveling time-frame.

In the unlikelihood we can not complete all of your four modules within the initial planned tour-slot, you have up to two years to come back and complete your tour. I will also give you an additional 2-3 hours for FREE for your trouble.

If you have to cancel a tour-slot (that has been paid for) you have up to two years to compete it with a re-scheduled tour. There is no penalty for this.

Contacting me

I can be contacted at or at 615-509-2998 (prefer text initially).



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* 1. Winstead Hill - stand where General John Bell Hood stood the afternoon before he launched his assault. From here you will understand how the six CSA divisions were deployed and better understand what led to the battle and how it unfolded. Suggested time: 45-60 minutes.  There are Confederate markers, and a covered observatory shelter from which to scan the Harpeth Valley. What is your level of interest?

Let's pass on this Brief stop, under 30 minutes Must-see, full 60 minutes
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

Question Title

* 2. Federal Forward line - about a mile from Winstead Hill Wagner's division, made up of men from Land and Conrad, were placed at the 'tip of the spear' for the Federal Army. The Rebels first clashed with the Federals here. The first Union artillery fell just south of here. Lane and Conrad were virtually overrun by the Rebs as they reached this spot.

Suggested time: 15-30 minutes. What is your level of interest?

Let's pass Brief stop, 5-10 minutes Must-see, up to 30 minutes
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

Question Title

* 3. Carter cotton gin area, intense fighting, twelve separate Rebel charges. From here you will see the original Carter cotton gin foundation, stand where General Patrick Cleburne was killed, walk the actual field where the Rebels broke through the Federal line, see the exact placement of the Federal line, listen to (or read) several first-hand accounts of the brutal, bloody, hand-to-hand action. CSA units: Cleburne (Granbury, Govan, and Strahl), and French (Cockrell and Sears). Federal units: Reilly's brigade (100th Ohio, 104th Ohio, 6th OH batty, 12th and 16th Kentucky Inf., 175th Ohio).

Suggested time: 75-90 minutes. Your level of interest?

Quick overview, 30 minutes Worth a good 45-60 minutes Heck ya! 60-90 minutes
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

Question Title

* 4. The Carter grounds, closest to Columbia Pike. Cheatham's division (Brown and Carter) assaulted the Federal line that protected the Carter grounds and farm, temporarily broke through the line as the fighting descended into brutal hand-to-hand fighting, even after dark. CSA units: Strahl, Gordon, Carter and Gist brigades. Federal units: Strickland (50th Ohio, 44th Missouri, 72nd Illinois, 11th Ohio, 24th Missouri, and Odycke's brigade (including 125th Oh, 24th WI, 36th ILL, 44 ILL, 73rd ILL, 74th/88th ILL). We will walk the grounds and thoroughly immerse ourselves into what happened here. You will see the extant Carter house and outbuildings.

Suggested time: 60-90 minutes. Optional docent-led tour inside the Carter house (one hour | $15 fee). What is your level of interest?

Brief stop, under 30 mins Solid stop, under 60 minutes Take our time, 60-90 minutes
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

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* 5. The first four stops can easily absorb one module (four hours). It will be mostly on foot for the entire module. Of these four suggested stops, rank in order of preference what interests you the most.

Question Title

* 6. Downtown module - There are several downtown area sites that are worth considering placing on one module (four hours). They include extant field hospitals (residences churches, buildings), the Harpeth River, the burnt out Harpeth River wagon bridge, the Lotz House (outside only), Schofield's headquarters, the courthouse, the Rebel Sentinel monument, the Nashville-Decatur Railroad, etc. This is a great module to do by electric bike (extra fee).  Suggest time: four hours. How interested are you in this module?

Not too much Maybe 2 hours All four hours, book it!
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

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* 7. The downtown module (question #6) can be done either by driving in a vehicle, or by electric bike. Your basic tour price includes vehicle transportation. This module is a lot of fun to do by electric bike. Half-day rates are about $40 per person. Indicate your level of interest for driving versus taking an electric bike?

Question Title

* 8. Carnton and Eastern flank module - this module takes four hours to do it justice. We will spend all our time on the so-called Eastern flank (i.e., the Federal left flank, the CSA right flank). There is ample preserved battlefield to walk (or bike) along paved paths. The key here is to understand Loring's CSA advance upon this ground as the battle unfolded from 4-5 pm. We can also stroll the original Carnton grounds which served as a field hospital. An inside tour of the home is an extra fee (docent-led) and takes 60-75 minutes. We finish out this module with a 45-60 minute walk through the McHavock Confederate Cemetery, where some 1,500 Confederate soldiers are buried. CSA units: Loring and Walthall's divisions.  Federal units: Stiles's brigade (120th, 63rd and 128th Indiana units). Level of interest?

Low, one hour max Medium, 2-3 hours High, all 4 hours
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

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* 9. The Off-the-Beaten-Path module - this module is a lot of fun and is best enjoyed on electric bike. It can be done with vehicle transportation though. If combined with the downtown module, one can do an entire day and pay for the electric bike for an entire day (about $75.00 per person). Among the sites we can experience include: Rest Haven Cemetery, Franklin's Unknown Civil War soldier, Harlinsdale Park (site of clash during Hood's Retreat), Fort Granger (a large, preserved earthenworks fort), hanging of the CSA spies, and other spots as time allows. Level of interest?

Skip Two hours max Let's do it all!
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

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* 10. Please rank the main modules (listed above) in order of preference of how you wish to see them:

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* 11. Interest in using an electric bike for at least one module? Cost is $40 pp half-day ($75 full-day pp). I only recommend an electric bike for the Downtown module, and the Off-the-Beaten-Path module; which can be done in one full-day.

Question Title

* 12. There are three local historic house museums that one can take a docent-led tour of. There is a site fee for each (about $15.00 pp). These are docent-led, meaning I do not lead them. These inside tours can take anywhere from 45-75 minutes, each respectively. If you want to go on any of these tours I can take a break while you're inside, or you can go through any of these on your own time (when you're not paying me for guide-time). Indicate your level of interest in taking an inside house museum tour, led by a docent.

  I'll skip it I'll do on my own
The Carter House
The Lotz House
Carnton Historic House

Question Title

* 13. Eating options and preferences

  Do on my own Together but bring own Together in a local restaurant Skip

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* 14. Indicate your level of knowledge and familiarity about the Battle of Franklin.

Beginner Novice Near Expert
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

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* 15. Cost for my custom tours?  My tours are deep-dives into the battle, the background, the landscape, the troop movements, and can be laser-focused on a specific brigade, and often even at the regimental level. I organize my tours into four-hour modules, making it possible to get in two modules per day.

As such, a full-day module can cost between $350-$500 per person, depending on if one wants to use an electric bike or not. The two-day 'full Monty' experience can thus fall in the $1,000 per person range.

Discounts or special rates are available depending on if a tour is paid for in-full, up front, and if there is more than one person in your group. Keep in mind though, I only customize or personalize a tour for you (i.e., the booking guest).

There are a few low-cost options available for 2-day tour experience that can keep one;s budget in the $100 or less per person range.

Please indicate your budget comfort-level as I customize your tour and provide you with a proposal.

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* 16. When do you want to take your tour? When your dates are confirmed by me by a personal email, you will need to make a 50% deposit to reserve your tour dates.

First module - Date / Time
Second module - Date / Time
Third module - Date / Time
Fourth module - Date / Time

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* 17. How will you pay for your deposit when your dates are confirmed?

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* 18. Do you want a discount by paying for your tour, in-full, in advance?

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* 19. How many people are in your tour and need to be part of the proposal I will provide you with?

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* 20. What is your first-last name and contact info (email and phone)?