The Filene Research Institute aims to assess the costs of regulatory compliance credit unions face. By regulatory compliance costs we mean the costs arising from actions designed to satisfy the regulatory requirements.

Direct monetary costs include fees to consultants, lawyers and accountants aimed to ensure regulatory compliance, costs of regulation-related training to the employees and board directors, and board insurance in order to cover liability related to regulatory compliance. We will also ask about the time your credit union's employees devote to ensuring regulatory compliance (preparing documents or data, communication with regulators, time spent in regulation-related training etc.).

Only Filene researchers will have access to your responses, which will be kept confidential. The final report will be available to all respondents and will use only anonymous aggregate data.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For all numerical questions, please enter full numbers WITHOUT commas. CORRECT: "120100200" | INCORRECT: "120.1M" or "120,100,200"

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