TITLE: Audience Research on Gonzo Porn

VCU IRB NO.: HM14166

SPONSOR: Dr. Chyng-Feng Sun, New York University

You are receiving this invitation to participate in an online, anonymous, research study on culture, pornography and sexuality. In order to participate, you must be a heterosexual male or female over the age of 18. An electronic survey will be made accessible to you upon reading and consenting to the information presented on this form. Interested students can opt to fill out the survey through a link provided by Surveymonkey.com. The survey includes multiple choice questions, along with a few questions that require you to write. *If you are not interested in participating, simply ignore this message.

*Please answer all questions carefully and honestly.

There are no known risks associated with participation in this research beyond those of everyday life. However, since there is sexually explicit language throughout the survey, participants may experience some discomfort while answering the questions. Participation is entirely voluntary. Participants are free to skip over any individual questions and/or to discontinue participation at any point without penalty.

You may not receive a direct benefit but participation in this survey may aid our general understanding of connections between gonzo pornography consumption and attitudes and behaviors related to sex and sexuality.

On an individual basis, participants will have the opportunity to take part in a raffle to win prizes: One iPhone (or $100 cash) and two iPod Shuffles (or $60). Interested respondents will be directed to the 2nd survey through which they can leave an email address - this will allow investigators to randomly draw the winners for the prizes when the survey is completed. It should be noted that the two surveys are independent and investigators will not be able to link the respondents’ emails to the surveys that they answer. Thus, the anonymity of the respondents will be guaranteed. The winners will then be notified.

There are no costs for participating in this study other than the time you will spend answering the questions on the survey. The survey will take approximately 15 to 20 minutes to fill out.

This research is an anonymous survey through a web-based survey company, Surveymonkey. Surveymonkey will allow us to provide a web-link that will not track the name or emails of the participants, and will not save the IP addresses of the participants. Furthermore, Surveymonkey employs daily independent audits of security measures, firewalls, and disk redundancy to ensure that data are secure and private.

What we find from this study may be presented at meetings or published in papers, but your name will not ever be used in these presentations or papers.

You do not have to participate in this study. If you choose to participate, you may stop at any time without any penalty. You may also choose not to answer particular questions that are asked in the study.

In the future, you may have questions about your participation in this study. If you have any questions, complaints, or concerns about the research, contact:

Jennifer A. Johnson, Ph. D. (VCU Principle Investigator)

Associate Professor

Chair of Sociology Program

L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs

919 W. Franklin Street

Richmond, VA 23284-2040

Office: 804-828-6826

Chyng Sun, Ph.D. (Research Study Coordinator)

726 Broadway, #669 

New York, NY 10003.

phone: (212) 992-9147

email: cfs1@nyu.edu

If you have any questions about your rights as a participant in this study, you may contact:

Office for Research
Virginia Commonwealth University
800 East Leigh Street, Suite 113
P.O. Box 980568
Richmond, VA 23298
Telephone: 804-827-2157
University Committee on Activities Involving Human Subjects
New York University,
665 Broadway, Suite 804
New York, New York, 10012
at ask.humansubjects@nyu.edu or (212) 998-4808.

If you don’t consent, please leave the site by closing the internet browser. Thanks.

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