Communication Survey

Recently I attended a meeting and a discussion began about communications and culture. It was suggested that we, in the US, talk to fill silence and that other cultures are more patient. This can lead to frustration in communications and the difficulty of getting all of the voices heard.

At the risk of over generalizing, these simple questions may enlighten you to consider the groups in which you are facilitating conversation. This is not meant to be judgmental, simply a study in culture that may help to create a better understanding and patience.

If you would like to receive a copy of the results, be sure and fill in your name and email address so that they can be sent to you.

* 1. Would you agree that the people from the United States have a higher rate of speed of talking as compared to other cultures?

* 2. In your experience, do you find that people in the US, are "conditioned" to "over-talk" others in order to be heard?

* 3. Has it been your experience that other cultures are conditioned to allow time for thought formation prior to speaking out loud?

* 4. Do you think that in the US we are conditioned to speak "louder" to be heard?

* 5. What is your nationality?

* 6. Would you like a copy of the survey results?