Thank you for your willingness to participate in the groundbreaking survey on cultivator energy consumption. The objective of the survey is to calculate the energy consumption of growing cannabis across a range of different cultivation techniques and estimate the total energy use for the industry.

Each cultivator who participates in the survey will be given a tailored summary of where they stand relative to their peer group in terms of energy consumption and efficiency. The survey and analysis is sponsored by Scale Microgrid Solutions and New Frontier Data. The survey is intended to create a baseline for the industry to use when it comes to assessing energy and resource efficiencies


Before you begin:

In order to make the most efficient use of your time filling out the survey, you will need to do a little homework beforehand. Please be sure to have on hand Scans or photos of the last 12 months of electricity bills. You will be able to upload the energy bills at the end of the survey. In addition, there are some square footage inputs that you will also need to provide and there are some operational expense data that will be required as part of the survey. It is very important that you answer as accurately as possible so that the results are meaningful. Understating or overstating results does not benefit the survey taker or the industry in this report.

Statement of Confidentiality:

All the data you provide in this survey will be kept anonymous and confidential. All responses will be reported in aggregate and no individual participants will be identified.

On behalf of New Frontier Data and Scale Microgrid Solutions, we thank you for participating in this groundbreaking analysis.