* 1. What is your last name?

* 2. What is your first name?

* 3. What is today's date?


* 4. What program are you in?

* 5. What grade are you in?

* 6. What High School do you attend?

* 7. What do you need to improve in order to be successful in your CTI Program?

* 8. What skills would you like to develop in your shop?

* 9. What certification(s) are you working towards?

* 10. What are you plans with the skills you have learned in your shop?

* 11. What possible life choices may you pursue after graduation? Check all that apply

* 12. What Career Clusters are you interested in? (Mark All That Apply)

* 13. In what English course are you currently enrolled? (Mark All that Apply)

* 14. In what Math course are you currently enrolled? (Mark All that Apply)

* 15. In what Science course are you currently enrolled?

* 16. In what Humanities (History) Course(s) are you enrolled in currently?

* 17. What Electives are you currently in?

* 18. What job or field experiences have you obtained?

* 19. What is your current job?

* 20. If Employed, is your job related to your program here at the CTI?

* 21. Are you on Co-Op? (Cooperative Education)

* 22. Do you have a Driver's License?

* 23. What Extracurricular Activites or Clubs do you participate in?

* 24. What Honors or Awards have you recieved?