* 1. What is your last name?

* 2. What is your first name?

* 3. What high school do you attend?

* 4. In what program are you enrolled?

* 5. Rate the following jobs for the Realistic Type:

  Dislike Indifferent Like Dream Job
Adjust bicycle gears
Repair household appliances
Operate a riding mower
Repair a leaky faucet
Build a deck for a house
Refinish the floors in a house
Install kitchen cupboards
Tile a kitchen floor
Detail a car
Operate a farm
Use carpentry tools
Assemble playground equipment
Apply wood stains and varnishes to furniture
Build a stone wall
Frame a house

* 6. Rate the following jobs for the Investigative Type:

  Dislike Indifferent Like Dream Job
Investigate stars and black holes
Identify an unknown chemical substance
study the effects of acid rain on plants
Discover a new strain of virus
Conduct lab experiements
Observe and classify a new species
Test DNA samples
Study environmental science
Study planetary storms
Explore ancient ruins
Predict earthquakes
Observe and record animal life cycles
Study an active volcano
Analyze ocean currents
Study changes in Earth's atmosphere

* 7. Rate the following jobs for the Artistic Type:

  Dislike Indifferent Like Dream Job
Attend an art class
Design a set for a play
Direct a musical
Act on stage
Play a role in a musical
Paint portraits
Write a movie script
Attend a poetry reading
Write a short story
Compose music
Design a museum exhibit
Film a documentary
Illustrate a book
Create sculptures
Play in a jazz band

* 8. Rate the following jobs for the Social Type:

  Dislike Indifferent Like Dream Job
Help children with after-school homework
Organize activities at a community center
Teach parenting skills
Serve as a playground activity leader
Teach people how to cope with stress
Serve as a dormitory counselor
Help people cope with loss
Counsel others about substance abuse
Lead a group therapy session
Volunteer for a local community service
Help people resolve personal problems
Mentor a troubled child
Assist a teacher in the classroom
Take care of a disabled person
Reassure a nervous patient

* 9. Rate the following jobs for the Enterprising Type:

  Dislike Indifferent Like Dream Job
Chair a committee meeting
Market new products to retail business
Persuade someone to finance a business
Persuade committee members on an issue
Give a sales presentation
Sell residential and business properties
Campaign for a political office
Invest in new companies
Publicize an event
Manage a department in a company
Recruit new customers for a business
Plan meetings and conferences
Conduct a business seminar
Give a press conference
Serve as a company's spokesperson

* 10. Rate the following jobs for the Conventional Type:

  Dislike Indifferent Like Dream Job
Count a balance a cash drawer
Prepare bank deposits
Review financial records
Enter data in an accounting ledger
Add up store receipts
Enter data in a database
Count the inventory of a small business
Type legal papers and documents
Prepare bills and invoices
Do accounting for a business
Organize and maintain personnel files
Maintain paper and electronic data files
Process company payrolls
Compute fees and charges
Record business transactions