Welcome to the CSTART-2 CBLC Pre-Work Online Assessment.

This assessment is a series of questionnaires that will help the PATS training faculty better understand you and the other participants. This information will enable us to make the training activities more useful for you. This initial assessment also is part of the metric tracking and evaluation program designed to help with the implementation of Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) and Evidence-Based Treatment Planning and Case Mangement (EBTP/CM).

All individual information will be kept confidential. A summary of the Pre-Work Assessment results will be provided to all PATS participants at the first learning session.

Depending on if you are a therapist, clinical supervisor, broker, broker supervisor, or clinical or broker senior leader, you will have a somewhat different set of questions to answer. The entire Pre-Work Assessment should take you no more than 20-25 minutes to complete.

Please make sure you scroll down and answer all questions on each page.

If you have questions about the Pre-Work Assessment, please contact Carrie Jackson, PATS Coordinator, at jaccar@musc.edu or 843-792-9524.

Please begin.

Ver. RH 12/5/14