1. Default Section

* 2. Before coming to counselling

  Definitely Largely Somewhat Slightly Not at all
Were the concerns you brought affecting your work?

* 3. How well has Counselling helped you with regard to the following?

  Helped Greatly Helped Reasonably Helped Slightly Hindered Slightly Worse Much Worse
How you feel about yourself and your general mood?
Working through the issues which brought you to counselling?

* 4. For each statement below, please state how much you agree or disagree with each one:-

  Agree Strongly Agree Agree Slightly Disagree Slightly Disagree Disagree Strongly
I found the counsellor helpful
I had enough meetings with the counsellor
Receiving counselling has helped me to remain at work/return to work
Receiving counselling helped me to have more job satisfaction / perform better at work
It was straight-forward to access the service and be offered an appointment
I found filling in the paperwork and forms useful

* 5. Where 0 represents where you were at the start of counselling, please select a number to indicate where you feel you are now?
(-10 would means things have got a lot worse, +10 would mean things have got a lot better)

* 6. Please tell us anything about your experience of using our service, including any aspects of the service which you think could be improved or changed.