CSS Funding Guidelines

The information below is an excerpt from the Crown Student Senate Bylaws. By clicking 'next' you acknowledge:
- you have read this information
- your funding request meets these guidelines
- any funding allocation from CSS will be used according to the guidelines.

1. Statement of Relationship

a. Crown College is a diverse community of students, faculty, and staff dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge in an atmosphere of open discussion and mutual respect. In embracing this diversity we find stimulation, freedom, and strength. Freedom to express one’s opinions and beliefs is of the utmost importance. As the student governing board of Crown College, the CSS is very dedicated to this aim.

2. CSS represents the interest of Crown College with a focus on the interests of the student body. The students’ interests are not only important, they are the essential reason that CSS exists. Our purpose is to represent the students at Crown College in this relationship by:

a. Acting as an advocate for the students of Crown College;

b. Bringing quality programming to the community which will benefit the Students of Crown College;

c. Providing to Crown College community members a forum for discussion of current events;

d. Coordinating ideas and supplying funds for the purposes stated above.

3. Funding Guidelines (As in the online Funding Request Form)

a. Before filling out the request for funding, be sure to read the Statement of Relationship above.

b. Please fill out form found on Crown’s website by 5:00 PM, Friday. Due to other items of business, presentation of the request may be delayed one or more weeks at the Chairperson’s discretion. The Chair will contact the requesting party to confirm the date and time to present the funding request.

i. All non-Crown groups or individuals should submit funding requests at least three weeks prior to the event.

ii. All Crown groups or individuals should submit funding requests at least two weeks prior to the event.

c. The party seeking funds must attend the meeting at which they are scheduled. If the requesting party does not attend the meeting, the request will not be considered that night. Meetings are held at 8:00 PM on Mondays in the Crown Fireside Lounge.

d. To receive funding, the event must be beneficial to Crown community members.

e. If an admission fee is to be charged, it is strongly recommended that Crown students be given either a reduced entrance fee or free admittance.

f. At the time of the request, examples of publicity that are going to be used for the event should be provided. The CSS must be mentioned as a sponsor in order for funds to be allocated.

g. Funding for events that involve transportation and lodging are considered by the CSS to be a low priority.

i. Transportation is defined as travel from one location to another.

ii. This does not include lodging and food costs associated with the event.

h. The CSS reserves the right to consider any request for community services, including a request that does not directly benefit Crown College. The CSS is the sole interpreter of the term “community services”.

i. If an event date is specified, any funds to be used must be spent by the event date. If no event date is specified, funded parties should use the funds within three weeks of the request approval.

j. The requesting party will not receive additional money for that particular request nor will funding be allocated retroactively or for cost overruns.

k. It is the responsibility of those requesting funds to plan events far enough in advance to fulfill all of the above requirements.

l. If any of the above requirements are not met, future requests may not be considered.