Please take a couple of minutes to complete this survey. Your input will help the CSPRC Board to more effectively design programs that meet the needs of nonprofit professionals like you as we have been since 1971.

Most questions can be answered by simply checking a box. Seven optional text boxes invite you to share your insights and suggestions about how we could make CSPRC even more useful to you.

1. You may submit this survey anonymously or you may identify yourself at the end of survey.
2. We do not expect you to check your calendar or other records when answering questions dealing with data. Just use your best estimate.
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CSPRC Board of Directors

* 1. Why do you attend CSPRC luncheon programs?

* 2. Did you invite guests (including colleagues at your organization) to a CSPRC program last year?

* 3. How valuable did you find last year's Spectrum Conference?

* 4. What are barriers to regularly attending our monthly luncheon meetings? Identify all that apply.

* 5. What are barriers to attending the Eggspert breakfast programs that CSPRC initiated last year? Identify all that apply.

* 6. Would you like to have the opportunitiy to network at events in addition to the monthly luncheons?

* 7. What would you say to encourage a colleague to attend CSPRC programs?

* 8. What suggestions do you have for programs you would like CSPRC to provide?  Please provide the name & contact information of any specific speakers you recommend.

* 9. At one time, CSPRC had a very effective Mentoring Program. Would you like CSPRC to reestablish its Mentoring Program?

* 10. If CSPRC were to reestablish its mentoring program, would you like to be involved?

* 11. Do you use the CSPRC website?

* 12. Have you used the Job and Internship Postings on the website within the past year?

* 13. How could we make the website more useful to you?

* 14. How could we make the newsletter more useful to you?

* 15. How could we make the Member Directory more useful?

* 16. Please add any suggestions about how we can improve CSPRC.

* 17. If you would like to serve on a CSPRC committee, please indicate those that interest you.

* 18. How many employees are in your organization?

* 19. How many staff in your organization would be interested in pursuing a MA in Nonprofit Management from Webster University with a substantial reduction in tuition available through CSPRC?

* 20. Would you like to know more about enjoying a substantial reduction in tuition while pursuing a MA in Nonprofit Management from Webster available through CSPRC?

* 21. What is your organization's annual budget?

* 22. How long have you been employed at this organization?

* 23. What are your areas of professional specialization? Check all that apply.

* 24. How would you describe your primary responsibilities at your agency?

* 25. Are you a CSPRC member?

* 26. How long have you been a CSPRC member?

* 27. What motivates you to be a CSPR member? Check all that apply.

* 28. If you are not a member, what might motiate you to join?

* 29. What would you say to encourage a colleague to join CSPRC?

* 30. Optional: Identify Yourself