This is the application form for the second CSinParallel workshop "Getting Parallel and Distributed Computing into Undergraduate Computer Science Curricula" for the Delaware Valley Region. Accepted participants will automatically be considered for travel support.

This workshop will be led by the CSinParallel project team and will be hosted at Villanova University, near Philadelphia, on July 11-14, 2016. For more information, please see the workshop page on the CSinParallel website

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* 7. Which course(s) are you or your department/program considering for adding some parallel and/or distributed computing?

* 8. Does your institution now have a course primarily on parallel and/or distributed computing, OR is your institution planning such a course? If so, is this course required for a CS major?

* 9. Briefly describe your background relevant to CS and teaching, and your interests in attending this workshop. (500 words max)

* 10. Are other colleagues at your institution considering coming to the CSinParallel/Delaware Valley 2016 workshop? (Optional)

* 11. If you are a professor, do you plan to bring students?

* 12. If you plan to bring students, would they be interested in a session for training student technical supporters?

* 13. General comments, information, or questions.