Dear Chamber member,

The Cayman Islands Government is proposing to undertake improvements to the cruise berthing facilities at the Royal Watler Cargo and Cruise facility. The proposed project includes the construction of two piers, providing a total of four new berths. The construction of this new facility will require dredging of the sea floor, land reclamation activities, construction of retaining walls, drilling and blasting activities. On the reclaimed land area, a new terminal and parking facilities is proposed to facilitate a forecasted increase in the number of cruise ship passengers. This survey has been developed to seek your views on the proposed project and the likely potential impacts associated with the construction and operational phases of the project. All information provided will be kept confidential and will assist the Chamber Council with determining the membership's collective view on this proposed infrastructure project.

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* 8. Dredging is one of the proposed activities of the project. Do you support the dredging of the George Town harbour to facilitate the construction of the new cruise berthing facility?

* 9. How important do you consider the cruise berthing facility is for your business/organisation?

* 10. How important do you consider the proposed cruise berthing facility is for the general business community?

* 11. How important do you consider the proposed cruise berthing facility for the Cayman Islands economy?

* 12. Do you use and/or conduct any type of business at the existing George Town harbour facility?

* 13. If yes, please indicate the nature of your business there:

* 14. If you are an importer/exporter of goods, do you consider the present level of services and facilities now offered at the cargo port to be adequate?

* 15. Have you experienced any problems in your dealings with the cargo port/cruise terminal?

* 16. If yes, please tick the problems you have had from the list provided below:

* 17. How do you think this proposed development will affect you and the business community?