Smartphone Data Types and Feedback from Participants

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The data collection campaign will collect over 50 types of data from participants' Android smartphones as well as direct feedback from the participants themselves. However, we can better serve the CrowdSignals community if we know more about any preferences you have regarding collected data types and participant feedback.

* 1. Please select all data types in which you have a particular interest.

* 2. Please briefly describe any other types of smartphone or smartwatch data you would be interested in.

* 3. Are there any particular models of Android smartphones or smartwatches or versions of the Android OS you would like data from?

* 4. Please select all types of participant feedback that could be useful for your research.

* 5. Are there any particular activities, events, or situations for which you'd like participants to provide ground truth?  For example, an interval label for an activity (e.g., "running"), a situation (e.g., "having lunch with a friend"), or a mood (e.g., "feeling happy").