Co-access allows multiple members to register content and create DOIs for the same book content; both whole titles or individual chapters. 

This form is to be completed by any Crossref member who aggregates book content on behalf of book publishers. 
To get started with Co-access, we need to collect some information from you. We will email confirmation to you once you are able to begin registering Co-access content.

Need help with this form? Please contact us at For more information about Co-access, please visit our support site.  
Aggregators, please ensure you have spoken with each book publisher about Co-access deposits and have collected the following details before you begin this form:
  • Your own Crossref membership information (i.e your prefix/s)
  • The name, prefix/s and contact details of each book publisher
  • Your own company logo file
  • The logo file for each publisher
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