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SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. If you are a legal services attorney from California or an attorney from Montana, you may still apply for a scholarship using this form. IF YOU APPLY FOR A SCHOLARSHIP FROM CA or MT after the deadline, please email Lauren at lmahoney@nclc.org to ensure we receive your scholarship application.

A small number of partial scholarships to cover registration fees are available from NCLC for legal services and nonprofit advocates, assistant attorneys general, and private attorneys. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of financial need, diversity, and benefit to clients.

Deadline to apply is August 11, 2014. You will receive an answer within 1-3 weeks AFTER the deadline as to whether you got a scholarship or not. You will not receive any notice before then.

If you are a speaker you do not need to fill this out. Speakers can directly email trainings@nclc.org if you need financial assistance.

* 1. I certify that I am a lawyer and/or consumer advocate and that neither I nor anyone in my organization represents business or commercial clients (except in disputes between two businesses) or is engaged in any business other than providing legal representation to consumers. If you have any questions or wish to qualify your certification email Marina Levy at MLevy@nclc.org or call NCLC at 617-542-8010.
NOTE: Your registration is not complete until certification is verified and you are notified by NCLC.