Instructions to Critical Reviewers

Thank you for your interest in the OMA Awards of Excellence 2021. Please read the instructions for critical reviewers below. Then, click 'Next' to complete the form and submit your letter.

Instructions to Critical Reviewers

A Letter of Critical Review is not simply a letter of support. It should focus on the quality of the nominated project and comments should clearly relate to the material submitted in the nomination (the nominator should supply a draft of the nomination to the writer of the Letter of Critical Review). The letter is extremely important in the award adjudication process.

The Letter of Critical Review should be a maximum of 500 words. The Critical Reviewer should describe the process of how they carried out their assessment of the nominated project or individual and also provide a brief description of their qualifications outlining their professional knowledge and/or experience.

Areas to focus on in a Letter of Critical Review for a project nomination:
  • Scholarship
  • Innovation
  • Quality of sources
  • How the information was communicated to the public
  • Contribution to a particular field of study, to museology, to the arts, etc.
  • Outcomes of the project – please be specific
  • How the project strengthened the organization
  • Areas of improvement that could have strengthened the project
Areas to focus on in a Letter of Critical Review for a Distinguished Career, Promising Leadership, or Volunteer Service nomination:
  • Scholarship
  • Dedication
  • Innovation
  • Significant contribution to the Ontario museum community
  • Leadership


Critical Reviewers:
  • May not be affiliated with the nominated project, institution or parent organization.
  • Must not benefit (materially or by reputation) from the nominee receiving the award.
  • Do not need to be members of the OMA.
  • Must be an individual with professional knowledge and/or experience in the subject area of the nomination.
Deadline: Monday, July 12, 2021