Getting to the Heart of Why We Create, and In Particular, Why We Quilt

* 1. Which of the below best describes the level of creativity in your childhood home.

* 2. Do you consider yourself to be a “quilter”.

* 3. Do you consider yourself to be an “artist”.

* 4. How would you describe your overall quilting aesthetic?

* 5. I believe that having a craft makes me more compassionate.

* 6. When I create, I am making with intention.

* 7. When I create, I am feeding a spiritual/higher purpose.

* 8. When I create, it is done with some sort of ritual/practice.

* 9. I have a support system in place that allows my creativity to flourish.

* 10. I belong to an online community that shares my passion.

* 11. I belong to an in-person community that shares my passion.

* 12. At times, I have used admiration of other quilters’ work to push me in my own work and self-discovery.

* 13. When I create, I am usually challenging myself.

* 14. I look to history to inspire the work I create.

* 15. It is important to me that I quilt because it is traditionally an art form associated with women.

* 16. Please describe your gender.

* 17. Please select your age range from the following:

* 18. In what region of the United States do you live?