Creative Workshops Program

Creative Workshops has undergone some changes in 2016, including the introduction of a Holiday Workshops program for the first time in the September school holidays. As part of our self evaluation processes, we are seeking feedback for future planning and organisation. 

* 1. Our overall experience with the Creative Workshops program is positive.

* 2. Creative Workshops tutors are professional and offer a valuable learning experience for my child.

* 3. I am satisfied with the organisation and administration of Creative Workshops.

* 4. I prefer to book term by term rather than semester by semester

* 5. I am interested in Creative Workshops classes from 3.20-5.00pm at a slightly higher price point.

* 6. I would like Creative Workshops to provide the option for afternoon tea for my child/ren.

* 7. The range of Creative Workshops classes cater for the needs/interests of my child/ren.

* 8. I would like to see more of the following types of classes included in the Creative Workshops program.

* 9. I will be attending Creative Workshops End of Year Concert on Thursday 8 December, 5.00pm

* 10. The Holiday Workshops start and finish times most suitable for my family are:

* 11. I would like to see more of the following types of classes included in the Holiday Workshops program.

* 12. If you would like to add further information, please include below.

Thank you for completing this survey.