The Article 15 Resource Kit Evaluation Form

Thank you for taking the time to complete this evaluation of the Article 15 Resource Kit. Your responses will help the Children's Environments Research Group and its partners to continue improving the tools, ensure their relevance and appropriateness for children’s groups around the world, and help us learn about the nature and impact of children’s groups. After using the tools, we recommend an adult facilitator or youth member of the group (18 years or older) complete this form.

By clicking on the "I AGREE" box, below, you acknowledge and agree to the following: I am choosing to respond to a survey about the children's group(s) and their experience using the Article 15 Resource Kit. I agree to participate in this survey with the assurance that names as well as any other identifying information will be kept confidential and will not appear in any publication of the results of this survey. I understand that my responses will be stored securely for possible future use. I understand that there are no reasonably foreseeable risks in my participation and that my responses will benefit me and the groups I work with by providing information to improve the resources for children's groups' self-evaluation. I understand that I can stop responding to the survey at any time with no negative ramifications, and further, if I do stop responding my incomplete survey form will not be recorded. If you wish to complete this survey in written form, please contact the Children's Environments Research group at the email address below.

[You will be asked to describe the groups you work with and each group's experience using the Article 15 Resource Kit. The whole survey should take 20 minutes to complete for each group that used the Resource Kit. Please do not "CONSENT" to taking this survey if you have concerns about doing so. The Children's Environment's Research Group is part of the City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Center and must follow specific ethical standards for conducting research, which are reviewed by the CUNY Graduate Center Institutional Review Board (IRB). You may contact the co-director of the Children's Environment's Research Group, Roger Hart, by e-mailing Also, you may contact the CUNY Graduate Center IRB coordinator, Kay Powell, at]

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* 1. By clicking on the "I Agree" box, below, I agree to participate in this evaluation survey.