Thank you for providing us information on lost crab traps. This information is being collected for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. The data you provide will help provide us information on the loss rate of traps. This information will NOT be used for any type of enforcement. Any contact information will only be used to follow up or track information. It will never be shared with anyone else. Please provide as much information as you have, but we understand you may not know all the details. Thank you for your participation.

* 1. Please provide us with your contact information:
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* 2. Are you reporting crab traps that were:

* 3. Did these traps belong to you or someone else?

* 4. How many traps? If these are your own, please be as specific as possible. If you hooked the traps in gear or found them, please estimate to the best of your ability.

* 5. These traps were used for:

* 6. When did you lose or find the traps? Please estimate the Month/Day/Year as closely as possible.

* 7. Where are the derelict crab traps? Please be as specific as possible with the Parish, water body, and landmarks. Please include GPS coordinates if available.

* 8. Were the traps found/lost on land or in the water?

* 9. What type of mesh were the crab traps made of?

* 10. Please describe the condition of the traps