Thank you for your interest in presenting at an upcoming Creative Placemaking Leadership Summit & Knowledge Exchange. We are seeking two types of sessions:
*'how to' activities (workshops, demonstrations, etc.) of 90 minutes
*presentations of no more than seven minutes on new thinking or research, or innovative practice

We are planning five Leadership Summits and Knowledge Exchanges to be held in various communities around the United States.  The convenings are as follows:

*Southeast: Location to be determined, early March. Major theme: Creative placemaking in small towns and rural areas. Subtopics: Designing for wellness, diversity and inclusion, tactical urbanism| lighter, quicker, cheaper| demonstration projects, maintaining affordable spaces. Note: Southeast convening will be held in one of these states: Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi or Louisiana.

*Southwest & Rocky Mountains: April 6-7, Denver: Major themes: Entrepreneurship and equity. Subtopics: creative placemaking in frontier towns, creative placemaking in mountain towns, Latino creative placemaking.

*Northeast Corridor: May 3-4, 10-11 or 17-18, Newark (NJ). Major themes: Gentrification, making space for creativity (physical design), sports and arts.  Subtopics: Introducing creative placemaking to communities, funding

*Appalachian: June 15-16 or June 22-23, Charleston (WV): Major themes: Local economic development and community wellness. Subtopics:  Building arts ecologies in isolated areas, invigorating arts in smaller communities, creative placemaking in industrial and post-industrial communities, placekeeping/ protecting the ethos of a community, building effective partnerships with elected officials, leaders of local non-arts-related businesses, and nonprofit organizations, building local arts communities, connecting to regional and larger arts markets, and mapping creative assets

*Capital Region (Washington DC area): Fall, Maryland (location to be determined.  Themes to be determined.

Each session organizer will receive one free ticket to the conference.  Any additional instructors or presenters will receive a 50% discount on their ticket to the event.  All instructors, organizers and presenters must register for the conference.

The Leadership Summit and Knowledge Exchange helps creative placemakers build their skills and connections to improve their practice.  Participants come from the worlds of arts, public affairs, real estate and community/economic development.  

If you have presented or taught at an earlier Summit or Exchange, you're welcome to propose doing the same or a similar session.

Proposals received after August 20 will be considered, but preference will be given to proposals received by August 20.

Questions? Please contact NCCP Executive Director Leonardo Vazquez at  or at 973-763-6352

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* 5. What takeaways (skills, ideas, other) will participants get from your session?

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* 7. If this is a presentation, what is new, distinctive or innovative about your topic? (500 character limit)

* 8. Who is/are the target audience for this session? (Check all that apply)

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* 17. Would you like to have an exhibit table to promote your work/organization in the exhibits area? (Fee: $100)