We need YOUR help . . .

We are considering a major shift in the CPE options we provide you. This shift would drastically reduce the number of in-person seminars and increase the number of niche focused roundtables. Access to the material typically covered at the in-person seminars would be provided online. We understand that attending online courses detracts from the experience and removes the value of being in the same room with your peers. To fill this need we would expand on the current niche roundtables giving you opportunities to gather with your peers to discuss the issues impacting your business and career. 

Why are we considering this change? MSCPA typically schedules 50-60 in person programs each year across the state. Over the past few years the number of classes we had to cancel due to low attendance has grown as members are moving to online courses and internal training options. The seminars that are held often barely cover their expenses or operate at a loss. The CPE landscape is quickly evolving and the current model is becoming more difficult to operate.

What would the new schedule look like?
  • We would continue to run our conferences and annual tax update classes which continue to perform very well.
  • We would hold A&A / Tax and Industry / Nonprofit cluster events where you can choose from multiple options over 2 or 3 days. 
  • We would increase our niche roundtables to allow you opportunities to meet with your peers to cover an agenda created by attendees.

We understand this is a big change and want to get your feedback.  Below is a 1 question survey with space for any comments you would like to share. 

* 1. Please let us know your thoughts:

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