Dear coworker, thank you very much for your participation in this survey, which has been designed by a group of professors of the University of Ferrara in partnership with Espresso Coworking, the Italian fourth National nonConference of Coworking and Working.

We argue that coworking spaces represent unique setting in which to analyze more general trends occurring in the organization of labour, processes, and human resources, in a perspective of sharing and happiness.

We are very confident that this research project can lead to significant results from the academic point of view as well as to additional acknowledgment for the “coworking movement” at an international level.

However, in order for this research to bring satisfying results, we need to obtain a massive participation by coworkers. So, please forward the survey link to any other coworker you are in touch with, who could be interested in the research!

Please keep in mind that any information you  provide will be handled in a strictly anonymous form and used only for  the purposes of this research project.

Again, thank you very much for your support. All the best!

Question Title

* 1. Please indicate your views on the following statements (1=strongly disagree, 2=disagree, 3=neither agree nor disagree, 4=agree, 5=strongly agree)

  1=strongly disagree 2=disagree 3=neither agree nor disagree 4=agree 5=strongly agree
My job allows me to make a lot of decisions on my own
On my job, I have very little freedom to decide how I do my work
I have a lot of say about what happens on my job
In my coworking space, coworkers see benefits from exchanging and combining ideas with one another
In my coworking space, coworkers believe that by exchanging and combining ideas they can move new projects or initiatives forward more quickly than by working alone
In my coworking space, at the end of each day, coworkers feel that they have learned from each other by exchanging and combining ideas
In my coworking space, coworkers are proficient at combining and exchanging ideas to solve problems or create opportunities
In my coworking space, coworkers do not do a good job of sharing their individual ideas to come up with new ideas, products, or services
In my coworking space, coworkers are capable of sharing their expertise to bring new projects or initiatives to fruition
In my coworking space, coworkers are willing to exchange and combine ideas with their coworkers
In my coworking space, It is rare for coworkers to exchange and combine ideas to find solutions to problems