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Purpose: The purpose of this study is to provide you with accurate information on the COVID-19 Vaccine and assess your understanding of the factsheet.  Your input in this study is very valuable for health professionals working to address your concerns around vaccination and to reduce the spread of infection from the pandemic.  Whether or not you participate, it will not affect any services you receive in the community or your immigration status.  This study is totally anonymous, therefore your name will not be included. This may only take about 5 minutes of you time.     
COVID-19 Vaccine Factsheet (Facts versus Myths)

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused severe illnesses among many people in New York City.  More than 600,000 have been infected with the virus in NYC and more than 26,000 have died. Some of them are people just like you. 

Now that the COVID-19 vaccine is offered FREE to everyone, St. John’s University wants to ensure that you receive the right information so that you make informed decisions about getting the vaccine. Below, are some facts to address the myths about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Myth: There are new COVID-19 variants, so I am not sure I should get the vaccine now.
Fact: Even though there are new COVID-19 variants, it is advised to get the COVID-19 vaccine anyway as it can still protect you from severe illness or death.

Myth: The COVID-19 vaccine will give me a positive COVID-19 test result.
Fact: Once you get the vaccine, you may test positive on some antibody tests which serves as a level of protection in your body against the virus.

Myth: I no longer need to wear a mask or socially distance after getting the COVID-19 vaccine.
Fact: The vaccine prevents you from getting sick or dying from the virus. There may be a chance that you can still infect others who are not vaccinated so it is very important to continue to follow public health guidelines. 

Myth: I have a chronic disease (such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, or HIV). The COVID-19 vaccine will negatively affect my immune system. 
Fact: People with chronic diseases are at more risk for severe COVID-19 or death and need the vaccine even more than others. The vaccine will help boost your immune system and protect you from getting the disease.
Myth: I had COVID-19 already so I do not need the vaccine.
Fact: Building immunity after infection may not last very long. More studies are needed to better understand natural immunity.  That is why it is important to get the vaccine!

Myth: People who get the COVID-19 vaccine usually get side effects. 
Fact: Side effects are common among people who are vaccinated as it shows your body immune system is working to fight off infections. 

Myth: The COVID-19 vaccine would prevent me from having a baby.
Fact: The COVID-19 vaccines are not likely to pose a risk to becoming pregnant. Scientists are running tests often to ensure that it is safe.

Myth: The COVID-19 vaccine is risky for breast feeding women and infants.
Fact: The COVID-19 vaccine is not considered to be a risk to the breastfeeding infant. In fact, breastmilk is believed to have antibodies, which could be a benefit to the baby.  Scientists will continue studying COVID-19 vaccines to ensure its safety. 

Myth: The COVID-19 vaccine contains eggs, pork, and beef so I do not think I should get it.
Fact: Eggs, preservatives, pork, and beef are not used to develop or produce any of the vaccines.

Myth: The COVID-19 vaccine is not safe because it was developed too quickly.
Fact: The severity of the public health pandemic required an emergency response, but companies still had to pass strict safety protocols which allowed the vaccines to be approved for public use.

Call to schedule an appointment for vaccination: 1-800-NYC-VAXX

Myth: The COVID-19 vaccine causes severe allergic reactions.
Fact: Most people who get the vaccine get mild symptoms (like soreness in the arm, fatigue, headache, and chills) as is common with many shots. However, people who have had a severe allergic reaction to any vaccine in the past should speak to their doctor before getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

Myth: I am an immigrant I am not sure if I can get the vaccine.
Fact: The vaccine is available to everyone for free regardless of your immigrant status.

Myth: I do not get the flu shot every year, so I do not need the COVID-19 vaccine.
Fact: The COVID-19 vaccine was developed to protect your body if you were to be exposed to coronavirus. It will help you prevent severe infection or death due to the virus.

Myth: The COVID-19 vaccine was created as a government conspiracy plan to “wipe out” our people.
Fact: The vaccine was not created as a plan to “wipe out” a specific group of people or race. It was created to protect people from the virus. In fact, people of many different races (such as Blacks, Latinos, Asians, and Whites) are getting vaccinated.

Myth: The COVID-19 vaccine has a microchip for tracking us.
Fact: The vaccine does not have a microchip. It will not track your whereabouts. The vaccine has a special protein to protect our bodies from developing the disease.

Myth: Getting the COVID-19 vaccine will alter my DNA.
Fact: Your DNA is kept in the nucleus of your body cells. The COVID-19 vaccine contains mRNA (protein), but it never enters the nucleus, therefore it will not affect your DNA.

Myth: I will get Bell's palsy after getting the COVID-19 vaccine.
Fact: There is no proof of greater risk for Bell's palsy after COVID-19 vaccination.

Myth: The COVID-19 vaccine was made using aborted fetuses which is against my religious beliefs.  
Fact: The COVID-19 vaccines produced by Pfizer and Moderna did not require the use of any fetal cell cultures to make the vaccine.

Myth: I am worried the COVID-19 vaccine will affect my sex drive.
Fact: The purpose of the COVID-19 vaccine is to prevent infection, severe illness, and death.  It is not known to affect your sex drive. 

Call to schedule an appointment for vaccination: 1-800-NYC-VAXX

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