Ongoing study , enrollment continue

Dear colleague,

During this pandemic, the hepatology community is concerned whether their chronic liver disease/cirrhosis patients who get infected with COVID-19, do decompensate or not. To study the Liver Injury due to Covid-19 infection, we need to record the course and outcome of each of such patients.

We have prepared a brief survey to address this under the Task Force of APASL. If you would like to share your individual COVID-19 patient data, please use the survey monkey. Each patient data needs to be filled separately, and would take just about 5 minutes. The manuscript policy will be as per international norms.

Do join the “APCOLIS STUDY” of APASL using this weblink (Clinical Trial Identifier-NCT 04345640)

Dr. Shiv. K. Sarin, MD, DM
On behalf of APASL