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Texas Court Security Incident Report
This report is for administrative purposes only. 
Who should complete this form:
The sheriff, constable, or other law enforcement agency or entity that provides security for a court. 

When to complete this report:

A Texas Court Security Incident Report form must be completed for each incident involving a breach of court security that occurred in or around a courthouse, courtroom, or court-related offices. By statute, the report must be submitted to the Office of Court Administration (OCA) no later than the third business day after the incident. You will receive a copy of your submitted report by email.

Definition of a Security Incident:
Any adverse event that threatens the security of a person or property, or causes or may cause significant disruption to functions of the court due to a breach in security. This includes, but is not limited to, threats to harm a person or property, disorderly conduct, assaults, escape/attempts, weapons, introduction of weapons or contraband, or any other serious situation involving security issues that disrupts court activities. Note: This report should not be completed for medical emergencies or non-threatening personnel matters.