Introduction to Survey

On behalf of the Galway Children and Young People's Services Committee, Galway City Partnership is engaging with professionals who work with parents and children (0-3) to identify key actions which should be part of a Galway County Early Years Health and Wellbeing Plan.

We would therefore be grateful if you could complete this survey which should take 10 minutes approximately. The key actions included in the questionnaire have been identified from previous research relating to this age group and we are seeking your views on these actions. Your responses to this survey will remain confidential and anonymous. We would welcome all responses. Thank you for your participation!

* 1. How best would you describe your service?

* 2. Goal 1 - Support Parents
Please indicate the relevance of these actions to County Galway.

  Relevant Not Relevant
Map and promote parent support groups and parent programmes in Galway County.
Develop the ‘Networking Mothers’ structures with County Galway - further information on this is available through
Map, promote and assess the need for development of ‘drop in’ centres/ services to support parents of 0-3s e.g. coffee - play area for toddlers- social support space.
Develop and deliver community based workshops addressing various topics of relevance to parents.
Explore the option of developing parents as peer support leaders for programmes which promote health and wellbeing.
Highlight the challenges of parenting and resources available through media and other sources.
Support the development of an accessible ‘online space’ for the dissemination of evidence based material to support parents through the key stages of Perinatal health and wellbeing.
Deliver reflective antenatal classes in communities for expectant parents (particularly first time parents) with particular emphasis on psychological preparation for parenthood (including PHN; Physiotherapist; Psychologist).
Encourage and support parents to look after own health and wellbeing e.g. stress management, health lifestyle.

* 3. Goal 2 - Early Intervention and Prevention (Breastfeeding, Infant and Child Nutrition, Physical Activity, Play, Tobacco, Alcohol, Drug Use, Mental Health and Wellbeing).
Please indicate the relevance of these actions to County Galway.

  Relevant Not Relevant
Sustain current Breastfeeding Support Groups and explore the potential for the development of further Support Groups.
Implement HSE Breastfeeding Policies and other initiatives to promote and support breastfeeding across all settings.
Develop and provide workshops for parents and professionals on evidence based practice in infant and child feeding for 0-3s.
Map, and increase the availability of, safe play areas and civic space for children aged 0-3 years and their families.
Provide training for health professionals to enable them to develop knowledge and skills to address issues relating to tobacco, alcohol and drug use with parents of 0-3s.
Develop and promote a clear message in relation to the impact of smoking, alcohol and drug use pre and post pregnancy.
Promote and deliver training in relation to current best practice and evidence on Infant Mental Health.
Organise Public Awareness Initiatives for the general public and professionals on “Perinatal and Infant Mental Health and Wellbeing”.
Develop a Community Perinatal Mental Health Care Pathway, which will form the basis of identifying training needs for staff, gaps in service provision, and will inform the development of an information leaflet for the public.
Agree on the use of an attachment screening tool which will inform the development of a therapeutic support service to improve the attachment relationship between baby and parent (e.g. the Parent-Child Psychological Support Programme, Infant Mental Health Therapeutic Support Service, Sue Gerhardt OXPIP programme).

* 4. Goal 2 - Early Intervention and Prevention (Safety and Early Education).
Please indicate the relevance of these actions to County Galway.

  Relevant Not Relevant
Compile and communicate information on safety in the home and wider environment through online and local media campaigns.
Promote Paediatric First Aid Training to first-time parents.
Support local campaigns aimed at addressing Domestic Violence.
Promote the benefits of attendance by both partners (or family member) at post-natal appointments, particularly developmental checks.
Provide training for staff in childcare services on including free play, outdoor play and physical activity as part of their programmes for children in the service aged 0-3 years.
Foster a love of learning via play through the provision of information packs and workshops in local libraries e.g. appropriate toys and books to enhance play, interaction, listening, attention and build foundations for literacy skills.
Develop, distribute and promote information packs to include specific information in relation to developmental checks and immunisations e.g. HSE Caring for Your Baby/Child booklets.
Highlight the issues associated with excessive screen time for children aged 0-3 and the linked impacts on early learning and development.
Promote and support implementation of Siolta and Aistear in early childhood education settings.
Promote Creative Arts programmes and events aimed at children.

* 5. Goal 3 - Listen to and Involve Children and Parents
Please indicate the relevance of these actions to County Galway.

  Relevant Not Relevant
Develop, and promote, service user involvement as part of the implementation of a Galway County Early Years plan.

* 6. Goal 4 - Ensure Quality Services 
Please indicate the relevance of these actions to County Galway.

  Relevant Not Relevant
Promote the implementation of quality standards and the development of improvement plans for services working in early years e.g. HIQA, Siolta, Aistear.
Support the development of a community midwifery service.
Support the implementation of the new child health immunisation system.
Develop an acknowledgement system for restaurants/cafes as baby /child friendly places e.g. accessible for buggies, breastfeeding friendly, healthy food options.
Undertaken initiatives to promote health literacy for parents of 0-3s.

* 7. Goal 5 - Support Effective Transitions
Please indicate the relevance of these actions to County Galway.

  Relevant Not Relevant
Communicate best practice in supporting transition from home to other settings.
Develop information guide for parents on what to look for when choosing childcare for their baby or toddler in Galway County.

* 8. Goal 6 - Cross Government and interagency collaboration and coordination
Please indicate the relevance of these actions to County Galway.

  Relevant Not Relevant
Develop a Working Group to oversee the implementation of this action plan in Galway County.
Create mechanisms for information sharing, training and promoting best practice and evidence based approaches in working with parents and children aged 0-3 years.
Map and promote community based programmes and services with GPs, Primary Care teams and other health professionals.
Utilise data, research and evidence to inform the development and implementation of actions to promote the health and wellbeing of 0-3s in Galway County.
Ensure that the needs of groups experiencing inequalities are highlighted and included in implementing this plan e.g. Travellers, Roma, minority and ethnic groups, migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, people with disabilities, people experiencing poverty.

* 9. Based on your work with children and parents, please outline any gaps which you have identified in relation to service provision for 0-3s and their parents which are not addressed within the previous list of actions.

* 10. Please include your name and contact details if you would like to be contacted in the future about this research and Early Years Plan for Galway County

A copy of the Galway City Early Years Health and Wellbeing Plan is available through the following link

Galway City Early Years Health and Wellbeing Plan