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Our goal at COTV is very simple; to offer quality local programming to our community, and for over 15 years we have been doing just that with local high school sports, "Good Morning Central Oregon" & much more. We're all about being local, so we are very interested in finding out how you watch our channel and what you think about our television programming.

What's in it for you? Well, first of all, you are helping to ensure we provide compelling local shows that you want to watch...that's a big deal to us! So, since you are doing something great for us, we'd like to do something for you in return. By filling out this survey, you can enter to win one of our cool, BendBroadband "local dog" logo shirts and two V.O.D. Movie Coupons (who doesn't like free movies?!)*

We know you have lots of other things you could be doing so please know that we appreciate your time and hope you'll let your friends and neighbors know about this as well! (Who knows? Maybe they'll bring popcorn for the movie!?)

Have fun!


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Good Morning Central Oregon
COTV Sports
Cooking Central Oregon Style
Talk of the Town
Blazer Profiles
City Club
City Council Meetings
Local Parades
Gary Lewis' Adventure Journal
Visions of the Northwest
High Desert Gardening (with Doug Stott)
City Edition
The Yoga Show
High School Graduations
Civic Events (League of Women Voters forums, special Chamber events, etc.)
Get Outdoors w/Bob Woodward
Joy of Fishing
C.O. Highways