Last year, we asked builders and developers to start helping us put some real numbers behind the Cost of Quality. We heard from 22 companies during the initial study – maybe even yours. 

This year, we'd like to enhance data around the original eight metrics and introduce four new ones. Based on your responses, we’ll show you how you stack up against other builders and where your opportunities lie in the areas of value engineering, construction oversight, cycle time, cost variance, customer engagement, warranty and employee satisfaction.

We’ll also introduce four new metrics our builders are particularly interested in: trade / supplier loyalty, training value / valuation, documentation and execution.

All of your responses are strictly confidential. Once the study is closed, you’ll receive a snapshot report of your results, and we’ll continue to connect you to Cost of Quality resources through our website, newsletter and events.

Thanks for participating.

Betsy Scott
Director, the Alliance

12% of survey complete.