* 1. Organization Name

* 2. Organization Contact Person

* 3. Contact Job Title

* 4. Daytime Phone

* 5. Email address

* 6. Does your organization run a United Way workplace giving campaign?

* 7. Has your organization participated in group volunteer projects in the past either through United Way or your own efforts?

* 8. Does your organization offer paid volunteer time?

* 9. Where are you interested in completing the volunteer project?

* 10. What is the address for the starting point of any travel (or the address of your organization?)

* 11. How far are you willing to travel to a project?

* 12. Number of Volunteers

* 13. Do you have a particular date in mind for the project?

Date / Time

* 14. If you don't have a specific date secured, do you have a general time frame for the project?

* 15. How long do your employees want to volunteer?

* 16. Do you want the project to take place on a:

* 17. What kinds of projects are your employees interested in doing?

* 18. Does your company have a budget available for supplies needed to complete the project (e.g., paint, brushes, cleaning supplies, children's books, etc...)