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Authorization Contact

This is the individual approving the membership fee and to whom all future invoices for membership will be sent.

Human Resources Contact

This is the person with whom we can communicate regarding programming specific to HR directors and who can verify employment status of individuals enrolled utilizing your corporate membership.

Current Champion

This is the individual with whom we will communicate about how to promote membership internally to other employees. We also rely on Current Champs to encourage overall program participation to maximize your investment in our program. Employers may have more than one Current Champ and often times, it is recommended for larger employers with multiple locations or departments.

Web Address

Company Description for Web

Membership terms are anniversary based; flexible billing options are available upon request to align with budget periods.

Please select the option that reflects your total number of employees in the Greater Green Bay area. This is your head count and not FTE that includes all employees regardless of age, position or anticipated involvement in Current. Employees located outside of Brown Co. need not be included in this count.

Please tell us if you are eligible for any special offers or discounts. A qualifying non-profit is defined as a 501(c)(3) organization with a minimum of 50% funding from charitable contributions; government organizations; and school districts. Other exemptions may apply.

$100 for each additional subsidiary or affiliate provides equal benefits for listed subsidiaries including unlimited individual memberships and marketing exposure for each entity.

Employees of subsidiaries should be included in total employee count of main applicant.

Please indicate if you have additional subsidiaries or affiliates you wish to enroll:

Please indicate if you would like additional information on any of the following advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Your additional support in these areas ensures we are able to continually develop programs that align with our mission and ultimately serve the needs of our local workforce and employers.