Thank you so much for taking the time to help CORE become an even better school.

This survey serves two purposes:

1.  Some of the questions are designed to help us identify areas of strength and areas of needed improvement.  We use these answers to help us work on our vision for the future.

2.  Some of the questions are taken directly from the California Safe Schools Survey, and are used to compare how safe our families feel when compared to other California schools.  These questions may seem to have little to do with CORE, but the data is important for us to share with the state in order to validate our charter's basic safety.

When answering these questions, please consider your child's current experience at school.

Your answers will be used in aggregate, and we will not be evaluating individual responses. As such, please be as honest as possible - there are no right or wrong answers.

Because different children often have different experiences in the same school, please complete this survey once per child.

13% of survey complete.