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I'll show you 6 possible book covers. Rating should take you about a minute for each. 
You probably need a full-size screen to see well.

My novel fits into the fantasy genre, which means it has magic and a quest. However, it's a bit unusual in that the quest is about rescuing some kidnapped children, not finding a magic sword/ring/talisman that will save the world. My target audience is thoughtful adults who like a good yarn, who are regular readers, and who like characters with depth and complexity. The story has action and suspense, but also a generous measure of relationships and internal conflict. There's even some romance.

Lots of different covers could catch someone's eye, but it's important to me that I catch attention the right way. So as you evaluate, don't just ask yourself whether a design looks cool--ask whether it evokes a strong interest in the story it depicts. Does it suggest that inside the cover, you'll find people worth knowing?

Some emotions I'm hoping to suggest with the cover include: mystery, tension, hope, and courage.

Minor flaws in each of these covers can still be corrected. In particular, the fonts and positions of title/author are pretty easy to alter; that's good, since all these covers show my working title (Heart Magic) rather than my final one (Cordimancer). :-) So if you have a quibble, but mostly like something, just note it in the comments. Also, gushing praise or suggestions for improvement are interesting.