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What: Teacher and Student(s) prepare a dish that is common in the student(s) home culture, and then bring it to an authentic world cuisine party at the Longmont Intercambio office.

When: The teacher and student(s) cook together on Saturday, November 10th, with the food ready at 5:00 pm to take to the party OR food is prepared during the week during class time and heated and brought to the party.


1.       Set aside date for a cooking lesson (in English) led by the student(s) either the week before or day of the potluck.

2.       One English class involves teacher and student(s) cooking together.


1.       Select a recipe to make (that feeds 8+)

2.       Purchase the ingredients, have them on hand for the cooking lesson.

3.       Using your English vocabulary, prepare the dish together!


1.       Student(s)s are sharing their culture and heritage with the teacher - a role reversal!

2.       Teacher bonds with student(s) in a new way

3.       Practice English related to food and cooking.

4.       Opportunity to meet other student(s)s and teacher and become more connected with the greater Intercambio community.

Bring your dish and come to the Longmont Intercambio Office (1715 Iron Horse Dr., Suite 130) at 5:00PM on Saturday, November 10th for food and fun – families and guests are welcome!

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