1. Priorities

Cook Shire Council is in the process of developing a comprehensive ten year Community Plan that reflects the aspirations of the Cook Shire communities for the period 2021 – 2031. 

The objectives of the plan are to:
- Identify and document the community’s aspirations
- Inform Council decision-making to ensure the corporate activities of Council best serve the community
- Provide strategic guidance for Cook Shire service agencies

Have your say on the future of Cook Shire and share your thoughts, visions and aspirations for the future of your community. 

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* 1. The Top Ten Priority issues identified in the 2011-2021 Community Plan were: 

- Roads Infrastructure
- Shortage of jobs
- Small business development
- Youth issues
- Need for a diverse economy
- Maintain historical aspects
- Communications infrastructure
- Health issues
- Liveability of townships
- Limited aged care

Are these still your priorities for 2021-2031?

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* 2. How would you rank these priorities for the next ten years (2021 - 2031)?

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* 3. Do you have any other priorities that are not already identified?