Constellations Awards 2023

The Constellations Awards celebrate the remarkable ways in which social investors across Asia collaborate to address the complex challenges of our times.

In 2023, the Constellations Awards will put a spotlight on collaborations that advance gender equality in Asia. Inspire and motivate others to start collaborative projects like yours across Asia. 

2023 Theme: Creating a More Equitable World for Women and Girls in Asia

While there are substantial improvements in women’s literacy and life expectancy in Asia and the Pacific, gaps persist in education, health, employment and leadership. Discriminatory norms and practices, restrictions on mobility and heavy household responsibilities continue to limit many women’s economic and social activities outside the home, dampening their opportunities for economic security, independent decision-making and personal growth. (Source: Vision for Gender Equality in Asia and the Pacific by 2030: Possible Future Directions for Asian Development Bank’s Gender Work, ADB report)

Capital can empower the voices of equality and enable women to realise their potential as leaders and agents of change in their communities. If we are to close these staggering gaps in gender equality in Asia, it is vital that we take strong, deliberate, proactive collaborative action to unlock capital to create a more equitable world for women and girls in Asia. 

The projects we celebrate in the Constellations Awards are inspiring, but more importantly, they are practical. Demonstrate how you have harnessed the strengths of different actors, drive positive change and achieve long-term impact, share your game-changing point of view. Does your collaborative project have the potential to catalyse impact at scale by providing new means of accessing capital?

Are you a pioneer? Pave the way for others - inspire them to mobilise their capital towards impact and a more resilient Asia.
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