AISA is excited to announce a new opportunity for six school counsellor's in AISA full-member schools to take part in a one-year online consultation pilot program facilitated by the Truman Group, see:

Counselling is a rich and rewarding profession, but it is also challenging. Consultation offers counsellors the opportunity to receive professional and emotional support that is important for self-care as well as offering timely, objective feedback which will improve your skills and effectiveness as a counsellor.

AISA will establish two consultation groups, each with 3 counsellors, which will be facilitated by James Rosow from the Truman Group. Each group will meet for approximately one hour, twice per month for the full 2018/19 academic year.

To have the opportunity to participate in this no-cost pilot programme, simply complete the following application form. As this opportunity is limited to six, preference will be given to smaller, low resourced schools.

If you would like more information about the programme, or are interested in a fee paying service for your school, please contact me at

Applications are due on June 15th. We hope to announce the groups by the end of the month.