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Thank you very much for agreeing to fill out this survey. This survey is for project/program¹ managers and is about IT-enabled business change projects.

This survey asks you to report on your most recently completed project/program prior to the current project you are working on. The project/program may have been completed or abandoned prior to completion. It may have been for your current or previous employer or for a client organization.

The survey can take as little as 10-15 minutes to complete. At any point you can close the browser and return later using the URL in the email.

You may withdraw from this survey at any time. The data will be security protected and only the research team will have access to it. When analysis is complete, the data will be deleted. Only aggregated data will be utilized so that no information about individual projects will be published. Since the survey results are collected in the United States, you should recognize that your identity and the results of your survey may be accessible through the US Patriot Act.

If you would like a copy of the results from the survey, please provide your email and we will send you a report. If you have any questions about the research, please email Dr. Chris Sauer at Oxford University ( or Dr. Blaize Reich at Simon Fraser University ( If you have any concerns or complaints regarding the survey, please contact Hal Weinberg, Director of the Office of Research Ethics at Simon Fraser University, at or 778-782-6593.

If you would like to know more about our research, visit us at

Thanks again,
Dr. Chris Sauer, Oxford University
Dr. Blaize Horner Reich, Simon Fraser University
Dr. Andrew Gemino, Simon Fraser University

¹For practical purposes, “Project” and “Program” are treated synonymously throughout this survey.