What is your biggest pain point?

Video editing workflows in 4K, 8K or Virtual Reality are a challenging and new area. Comprimato is working on a workflow solution for video editors, producers and VFX professionals who work with Ultra High Resolution videos.

We need your help to identify your main pain points when working with Ultra High Resolution video. Your feedback will help us shape our product, and build you the best workflow editor possible.

This survey should take less than 2 minutes to complete. We appreciate your input!

Question Title

* 1. Technically, what slows you down the most in your video editing workflows?

  It's blocking me from work. I can work but it is frustrating and slow Not a problem at all.
Copying video files from/to shared network storage.
We can't work on the same video file simultaneously becasue of the slow network or storage.
Proxy generation (Transcoding from 4K or 8K into proxy files).
I can't play video smoothly (lags, freezing) in my video editor.
Time to ingest/convert video from the camera output format.
Rendering of the final video.
Managing of proxy files
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