Becoming a Compassionate Community

This survey is intended to gather support for making our long-term Compassionate Community campaign official. We're also collecting  examples of compassionate efforts in our community, and ideas for future actions. We want to hear from local groups, and individual people in the Carbondale area. Even if you're not familiar with Nonviolent Carbondale, please share your thoughts and opinions with us!

Officially becoming a Compassionate Community is a natural evolution of the work our community has been doing for years, through Nonviolent Carbondale's "11 Days" initiatives (for peace, compassion, and social justice), and through the compassionate work that individuals and community organizations  do on an ongoing basis. Nonviolent Carbondale has been working toward this for five years. The Compassionate Community campaign is a call to honor and continue those actions, and to keep compassion at the forefront of our community's collective actions and decisions. As we face challenges in our community, compassion must be integral to our communications and interactions with one another. We must examine, teach, and promote compassion for the sake of peace, nonviolence, conflict resolution, equality and justice in our community.

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Compassionate Communities and the Charter for Compassion:

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