Have you ever attended a community meeting? How about an exercise group? Have you ever given blood or taken your child to a Scouts or Guides meeting?  Have you ever voted? How many times have these activities taken place in a faith building (defined as Church, Synagogue, Mosque, Temple, Gurdwara)? What if this faith building was gone?

What if we told you that approximately 1/3 of Canada’s faith buildings will likely close in the next ten years?

This survey is part of a project researching the extent to which faith buildings support other community and non-profit groups across Ontario.  We need to understand how many community groups and non-profit groups are conducting activities out of faith buildings so we can measure the impact more clearly. Our aim is to help non-profits to maintain affordable space by drawing attention to the potential impact of the loss of faith buildings. 

Please respond to this survey if you are the manager or head of a community organization or group that uses space in a faith building in Ontario.  Organizations with volunteer staff and with paid staff are both encouraged to participate.  Please complete only one response per organization. Please forward the link to this survey to other heads of organizations that use space in faith buildings.

If you use more than one faith building, you will be asked to fill out the survey for each faith building you use. The survey will continue with a 6 question follow-up for each faith building, so you may complete the survey for each faith buildings in one sitting.

Our partners in this survey are Ontario Trillium Foundation, National Trust for Canada, Faith & the Common Good, Ontario Nonprofit Network, Cardus, and the City of Toronto.  Your data will only be provided to these partners in aggregate format for the purposes of calculating the risk to communities of faith building closures. You will only be contacted regarding this survey if you requested notification of the results. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kendra Fry, kfry@faithcommongood.org


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* 2. Do you operate programming or have offices in a faith building (defined as Church, Synagogue, Mosque, Temple, Gurdwara)?