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Country contexts, political settings, and funding landscape are constantly changing. These changes contribute to the effectiveness of communities’ programming, interventions, and advocacies. To get a better sense of how APCOM supports its partners and the communities, we open a needs assessment survey to gather communities’ emerging needs and requirements. The information will keep APCOM updated on the changing contexts on HIV- and human rights-related priorities at country levels. In addition, this is an opportunity to gather recommendations on what needs to be changed. The data will serve as our guide in developing ways to address the prevailing issues and better serve our partners’ and communities’ needs.

This survey is divided into the following thematic areas:

I. General Profile
II. HIV Programming and Service Delivery
III. Human Rights and SOGIESC
IV. Capacity Strengthening and Perception Towards APCOM
V. Funding and Sustainability

We invite you to participate in this survey. This should take only 15-20 minutes to complete. It is assured that APCOM exercises complete anonymity and confidentiality of individual responses. The data collected will be stored in a private and secure platform.
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