Community Livability Survey 2018

We are seeking feedback from residents of Clay County to determine how we can better support our communities in being healthy, supportive places for people to live as they age.  Survey responses will be used to assist in the planning efforts to improve access to identified resources within each community.  For this survey we are targeting 7 communities across Clay County.

* 1. Which community do you reside closest to in Clay County?

* 2. What is your age range?

* 3. Overall, how would your rate your community as a place for people to live as they age?

* 4. Where would you go to seek out information if a family member or friend needed assistance with services for older adults such as home delivered meals, home repairs or caregiving services? 

Please rank in order of preference with 1 = 1st choice, 2 = 2nd choice, 3 = 3rd choice

* 5. Do you currently participate in local activities geared toward older adults in your community such as senior center meetings?

* 6. How important do you think it is to have the following in your community?

  Extremely Important Very Important Somewhat Important Not Very Important Not at All Important
Health and Wellness Programs & Classes
Fitness Activities and Equipment
Conveniently located health and supportive services
Services that help seniors access health and supportive services
Easy to find information on health and supportive services
Home care services such as personal care and housekeeping
Home delivered meals and nutrition programs
Opportunities to volunteer
Activities specifically geared for older adults
Continuing education classes
Social clubs for books, gardening, crafts or hobbies
Home repairs or accessibility
Access to computers/internet
Seminars or presentations on age-related issues

* 7. What suggestions or comments do you have for the planning group that is working to improve access to resources and activities within your community?